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Found as a single specimen, this native, terrestrial herb seen flowering for the first time at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge today. These orchids generally grow in poorer schlerophyll forests and heath. Although widespread are only recorded at higher altitudes in northern New South Wales ? Pollination is by small, native bees and possibly some beetles and fly.

I.D. courtesy of Denis Wilson.

3 Responses to Tiger or Donkey Orchid (Diuris sulphurea) (Orchidaceae)

  • Rosie Doyle says:

    Hi, I too have had the pleasure of finding this specimen on my 250 acres (400metres) in the Capertee Valley. Grey/white Box/Iron bark/ Callittis Country. First time I have ever witnessed it growing on my block. Have been here for 25 years. There are litterally Hundreds of them. Thankyou for the pollination info. Rosie Doyle

  • admin says:

    Thats great Rosie. My one and only specimen was promptly eaten by a feral donkey!!

  • Margaret Dorsch says:

    Hi, I also found several of these lovely little orchids for the first time on our 200 acre property in Googong, near Queanbeyan NSW. Our site is around 750 metres, with rocky (granite) outcrops, populated largely with mature Eucalyptus species, including yellow and red box, brittle, and scribbly gums. These little orchid gems have been hiding among Poa species.

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