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Visiting and resident birds at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge. Far North Coast of New South Wales.

Listed as Vulnerable a family group of seven birds is busy building a communal brooding nest in the Conservation Area.

Found hunting in flowering Red Ironbark for lorikeets in the Conservation Area. Although a widespread bird throughout Australia a first time sighting here.

I.D. courtesy of Daryl Eggins and Tony Belton.

Found feeding on Spotted gum tree for wood boring grubs.

Attractive red robin which is locally migratory. A first time sighting in the Conservation Area.

Extremely widespread across rural districts usually seen performing acrobatics hunting insects.

Breeding pair of Rufous Whistler in the Wildlife Refuge favouring the Melaleuca cover under eucalypts.

The locally nomadic Red-browed Finch found feeding on fresh grass seed in the Conservation Area.

Also known as the Crested Hawk, a medium sized bird which feeds amongst the treetops for stick insects, frogs and reptiles. Found amongst the Swamp Turpentine on the Conservation Area and rare in New South Wales.

With glossy iridescent black wings and unique straw-like neck feathers. When sourcing suitable pastures they fly on thermals in a “V” formation and are an abundant and nomadic species.