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Visiting and resident birds at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge. Far North Coast of New South Wales.

Found in the riparian zone on Sportsman Creek Conservation Area. Observed feeding on the fruit or (drupe) of the Jackwood trees (Cryptocarya glaucescens) which fruit around June each year. These large 45cm birds fly far and fast in search of rainforest fruits. 

A small flock of locally nomadic Fuscous Honeyeaters on the Conservation Area. Widespread along the East Coast.

There are five races of pardalote which cover almost the entire continent. They build a nest in suitable ground and forage for small insects in foliage.

Large and slender pigeon-like dove which can be found in the highlands as well as lowland rain forests and margins. A reasonably common and beautiful bird.

A flock of forty Cattle Egrets in orange-buff breeding plumage, some with red iris and beak at the dam. The Cattle Egret only appeared in Australia about 1950 but have spread across Australia.

Widespread and reasonably common large bird found feeding in the dam.

Image of an Adult male bird with distinctive red eye ring feeding in the Conservation Area. Nomadic, locally migratory and moderately common.
Image courtesy of visiting Wildlife Photographer Tony Belton.

Small group of locally migratory or nomadic White-cheeked Honeyeater sighted near the billabong on Sportsman Creek Conservation Area. Image of a male bird with puffed cheek. 

Visiting northern migrants to the Conservation Area found swooping from branches for flying insects.


This large Channel-billed Cuckoo sighted on the Conservation Area after being raised by crow foster parents and will be preparing to migrate north to New Guinea and Indonesia as winter approaches.

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By Jeff Keyes