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Olongburra Frogs are listed as Vulnerable and range from coastal areas near Fraser Island to Yuraygir National Park south-east of Grafton. Also called Wallum Sedge Frogs. Wallum is a banksia -dominated lowland heath ecosystem characterised by acidic waterbodies. An unexpected find at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge.  These frogs are usually found in rushes and sedges. “If you look at the colour in the groin or back of the thigh it is relatively easy as Litoria olongburensis has a bluish colour there while it is orange in both Litoria fallax and Litoria bicolour. The overhanging pointed snout in Litoria olongburensis is usually more pronounced – but then the broad white stripe down the side of the body is NOT a feature of  Litoria fallax as this tends to end around the shoulder in that species.”

Reference;  N.P.W.S. Threatened Species of the Upper North Coast of N.S.W.

Identification and text –  Courtesy of Martyn Robinson.  Naturalist, Australian Museum.

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