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Soft twig rush or Buckie rush

Sportsman Creek Conservation Area is engaged in growing and planting this native twig rush. Commonly called Buckie rush and used extensively by the Indigenous Bundjalung peoples for basket weaving and net string bag making. A compact slender native bog grass, thrives in standing water and around flooded soils, making it the ultimate landscape plant for wet areas in the garden or for landscape re-vegetation.  

Description – Hardy native grass with slender attractive lime green foliage and reddish-brown flower spikes.

Location – Will grow in up to 25cm of water, in full sun or part shade. Hardy tolerating frost and low nutrient soils.

Uses – Oxygenates and removes nutrients from pond water and provides habitat keeping ponds cleaner and healthy. THE STEMS ARE ALSO USED AS EXCELLENT FIBRE FOR BASKET WEAVING.

Care – Low maintenance, trim by half every two to three years and water if the bog begins to dry out. For weaving harvest by gently pulling out individual stems.

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