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Nest sites on Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge

Located inside a shallow Limestone cave in Kwiambal National Park are these Fairy Martin nests made from mud.  Although widespread across Australia an uncommon bird.

Fairy Martin nests

This Old growth nesting hollow allows Rainbow Lorikeets to raise their family. It must be at least 40mm round for these larger birds.



Crafted  using Epiphytic Lichen, Water Milfoil and Casuarina leaves, possibly made by Rufous Whistler as it is rather flimsy and found in an upright fork of a shrub.

Found low down in the fork of  a Red Ash this open cup-shaped nest of twigs, leaves and bark on the wildlife refuge.

Nest made from spider web and grass. This little bird is prepared to attack predators much larger than itself if threatened. Sings through still moonlit nights.

Reference; Morcombe M. Field Guide to Australian Birds.

Nest is crafted from paperbark strips. It was produced on the outer most branches of  a Large-leaved Spotted Gum and constructed in high winds! By enlarging the image it can be seen that the nest is lined with fencing wire.