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Fauna found on Sportsman Creek Conservation Area

Two adult male Grey Kangaroo fighting for supremacy and breeding rights on Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge, today. By balancing on their tails kangaroos are able to deliver double-kick blows to their adversary.

Known as the Rakali this secretive and rarely seen large rodent is found in riparian zone along Sportsman Creek. They hunt invertebrates, molluscs and frogs at night using partially webbed-hind feet and water proof fur. Once commercially hunted for their fur, Water Rat are widely dispersed through Australia and are usually a good indicator for water quality and invertebrate numbers. Water Rat should not be confused with Bush or Black Rat and live completely different lives.

Also known as the Mardo – a shrew-like marsupial who inhabits the drier Open Forests. Image taken during a catch/release night survey at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge.

With feral dogs on the prowl, this new resident on the wildlife refuge sought protection near the cabin.

The next generation enjoying a warm winter day in the wildlife refuge.

Image of a medium sized marsupial with black nose and paws on the wildlife refuge today. They have an overall grey coat with a reddish-wash across the shoulders. Found throughout coastal scrub and schlerophyl forests in eastern Australia. There are a healthy population of these usually solitary animals at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge.

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A healthy population of these nocturnal gliding marsupials inhabit all areas of Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge. “At around 40cm long from nose to tail, they weigh just 150 grams”. Sugar Gliders are capable of glides up to 100 metres. Because these mammals have such high metabolism, the winter season can lead them to undertake a daily “torpor” of 2-23 hours, depending on circumstances. They achieve this by lowering their body temperatures and energy levels, depending on stores of fat to regulate the system.

Image;   courtesy Internet file share.

Two adult males and female with joey on Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge, today.