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The newly published book “Bush Companion Fauna Species of the Clarence Valley and Northern Rivers, New South Wales” is available to purchase direct from the publisher.

This book contains over 310 “full colour plate” fauna species in 250 “perfect bound” pages with both common and scientific names.

Order by email at to reserve your copy.

Price $25 a copy plus postage from Sportsman Creek Press.

Bush Companion Cover

Image taken this morning in the riparian zone on the Island at Sportsman Creek Conservation Area. ” The largest Owl in Australasia. It is a typical hawk-owl with staring yellow eyes and no facial disc and have a wingspan of up to 140cm. The Powerful Owl is endemic to eastern and south-eastern Australia, mainly on the coastal side of the Great Dividing Range. It occurs in low densities and  a breeding pair will defend a large home range of 400-1450 hectare.”. They are monogamous and mate for life. Note  Squirrel Glider in right talon. Powerful Owl feed mainly on arboreal mammals and bats with birds making 10% of their diet. This bird is an important new sighting for the Conservation Area. Click on webpage below to listen for call of the Powerful Owl.

I.D. courtesy of David Charley.

Further reading:

Image of a large (40cm) bird taken on the island at Sportsman Creek wildlife refuge. “One of the shyest and wariest of pigeons. Voice a soft, high-low “whOO-wuk, whOO-wuk”. Favouring rainforest and cleared land with abundant Camphor Laurel species. Status is scarce, although abundant in northern New South Wales”. Although occasionally heard, a  first time sighting for the property.

Reference;  Morcombe, M.   Field Guide to Australian Birds. P,156.

Jacky Winter use open perches to search for  ground insects. A very common bird on the wildlife refuge, although sometimes nomadic.

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This pair of butterfly and others were observed spending time with Pupa near the billabong on the wildlife refuge ?