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Cattle Egret (Ardea ibis)Soft Twig Rush
(Baumea rubiginosa)
Crested Pigeon (Ocyphaps lophotes)Colus pusillus (Stinkhorn)
Dusky Woodswallow
(Artamus cyanopterus)
Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium australasicum)
Brown Cuckoo-dove
(Macropygia amboinensis)
Bangalow Palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana)
Topknot Pigeon
(Lopholaimus antarcticus)
Rotala tripartita (Lythraceae) perennial herb Listed as Threatened and Endangered species Rare in NSW
Burton’s legless Lizard
(Lialis burtonis)
White-crowned Snake
(Cacophis harriettae)
Pied Lacewing (Porismus strigatus)
Banded Lacewing
(Glenoleon pulchellus)
Cuckoo Wasp (Chrysididae)
Java White Butterfly (Belenois java)
Great Carpenter Bee (Xylocarpa Koptortosoma aruana)
Diathrausta ochreipennis Moth (no common name)
Tropical White Peach Moth (Nagia linteola)
Scarlet or Northern Jezabel Butterfly (Delias argenthona) Pieridae
Northern Ghost Moth (Abantiades barcas) Hepialidae
Tan-spotted Grey Moth (Pingasa cinerea) Geometridae
Cucumber Moth (Diaphania indica)
Dysgonia constricta Moth (Noctuidae)
Painted Button Quail (Turnix varia)
Mistletoe Day Moth (Comocrus behri)
Atictenia punctunculus Moth (Geometroidae)
Scarlet Robin (Petroica multicolor)
White Stemmed Wattle Moth (Chelepteryx chalepteryx)
COSSIDAE Family Moth either -Endoxyla encalypti (ENDANGERED) or Endoxyla leucomochla
Rufous Fantail (Rhipidura rufifrons)
* Cane Toad (Bufo marinus) Introduced species first detected 27/03/2022
Eastern Sign-bearing Froglet (Crinia parinsignifera)
Collared Sparrowhawk (Accipiter cirrhocephalus)
Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)
Listed Endangered and Vulnerable to Extinction 2022